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Extend beyond the surface….

Meditate in that space where materiality and the fabric of existence are akin.

Probe deeply….


All My Relations | artsPlace | Canmore AB | 2020

Three simple words.  Combined, they have the power to change the world.  

“All My Relations” is a call to consciousness, and a bridge to universal connectivity.


The phrase, “All My Relations”, has been the fabric of First Nations, Métis and Inuit beliefs and practices for centuries.  Spoken in ceremony and prayer, it signifies deep awareness of the interrelationships between the physical, elemental and spiritual realms.  It honours the sacred relations of everything seen and unseen; trees, stone, beetles, the sun and moon, for example, are held in great reverence as ancestors and teachers central to existence.  It is a phrase that embodies oneness.  And it’s home is found in the heart. 


Common layers of analysis in this installation are dualistic tones such as nature vs. nurture, death/decay vs. life, human vs. environment, stasis vs. movement, etc. However, when probed deeper, awareness of the solid fragility of what appears as solid material is unsettling; the unfired clay body dries and begins to crack and decompose over the duration of the exhibition, as will the soil and sapling.  The sculpture will depart the gallery in a different state from which it is first unveiled as a result of one essential ingredient:  water.


Do you recall that feeling when you took your last sip of water?  Do you remember that sensation you had when the sun’s heat sat upon your face?  What about that space of stillness in between the rhythm of trees dancing in the wind?  What if, for one moment none of this existed?  What then?  


All My Relations is a tribute to remembering the depth of our reliance on air, water, sunlight, the vibration of the Earth, and power of the universe for sustenance and perpetuation of life.

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